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Omega watches

World-renowned Omega watches was born in Switzerland, has more than 150 years of history. Omega (W) is the twenty-four Greek, is the last letter. It symbolizes the beginning of things and the ultimate, the first and last. On behalf of the perfect, perfection, characteristic, action the extraordinary quality of interpretation of the Omega search for outstanding quality, business philosophy, and advocating longstanding and innovative the spirit of the style. Omega has the world famous four series products: stylish and elegant appearance of the constellation series, intentional for sports enthusiasts and professional diving series of the hippocampus, as the designated space missions and the timing of the super family of distinguished and elegant Ville.

Rolex Daytona SS Case White Dial Ladies - Ladies

Omega also invited a number of celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, figure skating champion Chen Lu, the Swiss number one tennis player Xindi Si, sailboat racing 彼得布雷克 jazz, golfers Ernie * Ice, Peel of Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, qi, and so all the high people.

White dial SS - Men

Originated in the year 1832, watchmaker Augustus. Agassi (Auguste-Agassiz), his 哥哥路易士. Agassi (Louis-Agassiz) was a famous geologist, in Sheng Yemi Valley (Saint-Imier) small-scale watch factory, have since launched a bright future. Agassi is the nephew of the founder of Longines ─ ─ Ornish. Folanxiang (Ernest-Francillon). From the 1832's Longines, known for her elegance, is a 170-year history has the tradition of the watch manufacturers, each table is a combination of concordance and looker. Around the world who have been carefully designed the graceful beauty of style, exquisite workmanship of the watch, known altar table. Longines watch brand philosophy of \"elegant attitude, true personality,\" Audrey Hepburn was the image of Longines spokesmen, Hepburn, 50 years from the last century has been loved by the people, in people's minds forever elegant, noble . When we say when a person is very elegant, the most important is her experience and training, this is a must to experience many of the flavor comes out from the heart. Longines that is. Longines has a history of hundred years, has always insisted on the \"best quality\" work philosophy of continuous time knowledge innovation efforts, and now, \"Longines\" has become synonymous with the precision! Longines's becoming synonymous with precision, the uninjured process thanks to the continuous efforts of the time. 1899 Longines sponsored by the Lewis. Ya Manda (Louis-Amadeus) count the North Pole expedition led by the event and provide for a variety of temperature changes in polar design 5 pocket replica watch, and be weakly commended. Earl wrote: \"No matter how bad climate result by, Longines has always been to maintain the most accurate time\" in the expedition, many other explorers have opted for Longines as specified timer. Another great record, is the 1094 Barney Captain (CaptainJ.E.Bernier-Arctic) sailed from the United States to the North Pole adventure.

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The watches

The invention of clocks is a piece of work of Chinese people. As early as the Han Dynasty, Zhang Heng scientists invented natural philosophyclock, which is likelythe world's most ancient bell was. But the mention of watches, people will think of Switzerland, not only because the Swiss watch industry in Europe and the world's center, but also in Switzerland, has possibly the world's most known watch brands. However, they must go to watch the birth of the British.

Watch the birth of the beginning of quite expensive, but any popular fruitful people of all ages. Wearing a radiocarpal joint watch is not only convenient time for use, but also that the owner of the noble and rich, this watch history be in a \"classical\" tradition of fashion. Know, a unparalleled watch remains reserved and arrogant.

Time is no doubt watch the new function, but as decorative products, watches, but also a cultural symbol, but is inherent. In addition to timing functions, it is more focused image of the modification function, representative of people's daily consumption of symbolic significance and value of the experience. In watch conception, in addition to industrial technology, the arts also incorporates, fashion and jewelry design in the Yuan Su, has a very high artistic Value and Cultural Connotation, Yin Er sale and collection of antique tables of fashion become common practice.


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